We can promote you and get your music played on the radio to loads of new potential fans.
Pic: Alice Kat and Drake Hunter tune up before the very first 'Endeavour Presents'. Not pictured is the band Mollys Chamber, who were the headliners.
We are just as committed to supporting up and coming local musicians as well as established ones in Boston Borough on Endeavour FM.

If you want to come in and play a set, or you want to plug an EP on Endeavour FM, we'll be happy to meet up with you over a pint (or two) and see how your community radio station can help you promote your music.

Get in touch with us.

From our humble beginnings in studios you had no room to swing a cat in to where we are now, we've had acoustic sets from local bands in Boston and interviews.

In 2014 we helped to organise Flood Aid to raise much needed money for the victims of the horrible December 2013 floods in Boston, but also to create an event that brought people together and celebrated everything we were thankful to have - a thriving local music scene being one of those things.

In 2015 our events company (Endeavour FM Events) worked with Jimmy May (locally known as 50 Sniffs) to bring The Big Boston Gig to Boston. A brand new idea to bring touring bands into town, continue showcasing local ones and by bringing in Phil Taggart from Radio 1, a real chance for them to network and get heard on a national platform.

We organised Endeavour Presents which showcased local talent such as Alice and Drake, as seen above, local band Mollys Chamber, Bullet Tooth and for the last one we collaborated with local sound company Ambient Sound and brought Loop Cycle, Kamikaze Hotshot and Leed's finest and former Chumbawumba frontman - Interrobang

So, that's a bit of brief background.
We did all that without being on FM radio, so imagine what we can do now.

Boston has an awesome local music scene and we can't wait to take it stratospheric.
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